Baku Grain Terminal LLC
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General information and history of creation
Baku Grain Terminal LLC is a joint Azerbaijani – Kazakh venture established in 2006 within the framework of bilateral economic cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Baku Grain Terminal is located on the territory of the Baku International Sea Port of Hovsan

The terminal has 5 silos for temporary storage of grain with a total capacity of 15 thousand tons. The production capacity of the terminal's technological lines for transshipment is 250-300 tons of grain per hour, which makes it possible to receive from sea vessels and load into railway wagons, as well as receive from road and railway transport and ship to sea vessels up to 1.5 thousand tons of grain per day.

The terminal includes a mill complex with a capacity of 150 tons of flour per day. Mill equipment is from the world leader «Buhler» (Switzerland). The terminal and the mill are equipped with an automated control system for the entire technological cycle, which ensures the high quality of the services provided.

In addition, the terminal provides services for the processing of its own raw materials and give-and-take grain.
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The shareholders of Baku Grain Terminal LLC are:
  • NK Food Contract Corporation JSC
    Kazakhstan state company NK Food Contract Corporation JSC ( represented by its subsidiary – Ak Biday – Terminal JSC - 50%
  • Planet – L LLC
    Azerbaijani company Planet – L LLC - 50%
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  • Hasanov Adil Yasin
    Chairman of the Board
  • Abenov Aybolat
    Deputy Chairman of the Management Board
  • Rustamov Aydin
    Executive Director - Production Manager
  • Akhmetzhanov Dulat
    Commercial Director
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Trade Union of Baku Grain Terminal LLC
The trade union of employees of Baku Grain Terminal LLC (hereinafter referred to as the Terminal) has been functioning since 2006, i.e. since the formation of the company itself.

The quality of working and living conditions of the Terminal's employees, social partnership-this is the area of responsibility of the trade union organization "Baku Grain Terminal" LLC. Being a link between the interests of production and the needs of workers, the Terminal's Trade Union has become an integral part of the Azerbaijani-Kazakh company Baku Grain Terminal LLC.

Areas of activity of the Trade Union:
  • Organizational and trade union work,
  • Socio-economic work,
  • Legal work,
  • Labor protection and ecology,
  • Youth policy,
  • Socio-political activity,
  • Information work and communication programs,
  • Financial activity.

The trade union of Baku Grain Terminal LLC annually organizes festive and health-improving events for Terminal employees, including giving gifts to employees' children for the New Year, women for March 8, provides vouchers to employees to sanatorium and health-improving institutions, etc.

In addition, the Trade Union provides financial assistance to employees for weddings, the birth of a child, illnesses and funerals. Thus, during the coronavirus pandemic, Terminal employees who were ill received one-time assistance of 50 manats.

The close-knit work of the trade union members allows us to achieve our goals. Thanks to the interest of each member of the team, we will be able to achieve common success!
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